Small Nuclear Reactors are all the hype. But here’s the reality –

And right now, many observers regard them as too speculative to factor into forecasts. The federal government’s own Canada Energy Regulator projects the amount of power generated by nuclear reactors in Canada will continue on a declining trend. Dennis Langren is a regulatory lawyer with Stikeman Elliott. He says the earliest deployments of SMRs in Canada are at least a decade off Paris-based Mycle Schneider Consulting has reviewed the status of global SMR development three times since 2015.

In the firm’s most recent review, published in September, 2020, it found little had changed over the period. “Overall, there are few signs that would hint at a major breakthrough for SMRs, either with regard to the technology or with regard to the commercial side,” the firm observed.

“Delays, poor economics, and the increased availability of low-carbon alternatives at rapidly decreasing cost plague these technologies as well, and there is no need to wait with bated breath for SMRs to be deployed.”

Small Nuclear Reactors are all the hype. But here’s the reality – The Free