Ruin Them [Market-Ticker-Nad]

Among those who conclude that the balance of risks and benefits for them does not favor the jab, and who are being coerced, there is one final point to consider: You are not alone.  Further, we have an extremely tight labor market, so you have all the power in this debate.

USE IT! If even 10%, say much less 20% of an organization refuses such a mandate and any “penalty” (e.g. “test daily or get jabbed”) and your employer decides to fire you all for your refusal they collapse.  I don’t care if this is the VA health system, a local hospital or other organization.  

You may or may not, in the fullness of time, also be able to successfully sue but in the meantime if 1 in 5 employees is removed there is no way the firm survives that event without severe or even critical damage that collapses the enterprise. Collective action — that is, a strike — is how gross abuses were dealt with in the past and is a non-violent and entirely-legal act.

Simply put: REFUSE. Let them try to get your 20% of the output from the other 80% of the remaining staff.  They will fail; a decent percentage of the remainder will blow up medically due to stress and similar and suddenly they’re not down 20% on their labor they’re down by half.

WHEN they blow up and come crying to you to come back to work you demand double your previous pay — permanently — and no, you still will NOT take the jab nor be discriminated against on masks and tests. Collapse all entities that attempt to enforce mandates.

Ruin Them in [Market-Ticker-Nad]