Say It: Predatory Capitalism –

The evidence is in. The research is done. The results are documented. Predatory Capitalism is a vicious, relentless enemy of peoples, species, ecosystems, and all animate and inanimate things, that must be dismantled and terminated before it eradicates all prospects for life on earth.

People protest an economy that eliminates work and wages for the many and siphons billions to oligarchs. They march against an energy system that is unhinging the natural processes that sustain life. They yearn for safety but are terrified into backing wars and mass murder to achieve it.

What is it that the Crash of ʼ08, Global Warming, and Iraqistan and the rest of the sick, criminal bloodbaths America has created have in common? What is the single, indisputable force behind the perpetration of these horrors? It is not poor people, not bogus science, not bad religions, and not mysterious and unfathomable forces beyond human control.

It is Predatory Capitalism. And it must be eradicated and replaced by a system that nurtures, nourishes, and supports humanity and all life.

Say It: Predatory Capitalism –

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