The Real Number Of Covid Vaccine Deaths In The U.S. With Albert Benavides

The Real Number Of Covid Vaccine Deaths In The U.S. With Albert Benavides


You would think that during this pandemic, the latest and most accurate information on the disease, origins, diagnosis, prevention, infections, deaths, medications and vaccine safety – would be paramount. However all of these issues have been the subject of cover up and manipulation from the very people in charge of public health.

Of greatest concern today is Vaccine safety – because of the mass campaigns being pushed by our Governments, using vaccines that have been granted only emergency use, embody untested new technologies.

Today we speak to Albert Benavides about the problem of VAERS – The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, managed by CDC and the FDA, which is meant to be a national early warning system for possible safety problems in U.S.licensed vaccines.

Albert Benavides has over 25 years working as a professional systems data analyst, auditor and manager and now gaining prominence as a respected VAERS data analyst, exposing adverse reactions in the official reporting system. You will be shocked by his findings.

Asia Pacific Today. 24 June, 2021