COVID 411 – Alliance for Natural Health USA

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the many cracks in our crony medical system. As this crisis has unfolded, the health system has focused on finding a pharmaceutical drug, or a vaccine, that can treat the COVID-19 virus. Once found, this treatment will likely be expensive and carry dangerous side effects, as many drugs do.

Meanwhile, we’re told there’s little else we can do other than stand home and wash our hands. This is not bad advice, but of course it ignores the role of cheap, safe, and effective natural medicines that can be used to great effect. The FDA and the medical establishment willfully ignore the benefits of these natural products because they cannot make billions for the drug industry, on whose funding the FDA relies. Not only that, but natural products compete with drugs, so FDA rules prevent Americans from learning about the many health benefits of supplements.

Here are some of the highlights taken regarding pre-illness enhancement of immunity:

ANH COVID 411 – Alliance for Natural Health USA