Surrender and Flow

It is common to feel like if you surrender you’ll have no control at all. You may perceive it as being completely untethered, or bouncing about much like a pinball in a pinball machine. This is not true at all. Once you surrender, you enter into the flow, and the flow comes complete with a steering system that is directed through your focus and gratitude. Your free will is paramount, and will always be honoured as your divine right.

Another fear about surrender is you will somehow lose your identity. Surrendering into the flow does not in any way take your identity away. In fact, it only helps you become more of who you really are. Your personality and traits are yours, and how you serve both your incarnation and the planet. You can never, ever lose them, nor would we ever want you to because we would miss your uniqueness terribly!

Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Friday August 20, 2021