Viral photo shows portion of previous president’s wall ‘being ripped apart by monsoon floods’

“Trump’s brand new $15 billion #BorderWall is being ripped apart by monsoon floods,” Center for Biological Diversity borderland campaigner Laiken Jordahl responded to the image. While the photo tweeted by Scott shows at least four partitions knocked out of their hinges, Gizmodo reports that Cuenca de Los Ojo director José Manuel Pérez Cantú said six were damaged.

Still, the previous administration took a sordid pleasure in its destruction of the borderlands. Following President Biden’s win, the previous administration rushed to dynamite mountains, knowing full well it wouldn’t have time to build. In the end, we’ve left with very-penetrable “impenetrable” fencing that has fallen to both storms and $100 saws from your local hardware store—and no, it doesn’t make a difference who’s built the damn thing. 

“The damage the border wall has inflicted in just the past year is incalculable,” Jordahl continued in The Times. “Much of it will last forever. No amount of money could repay the O’odham and all Indigenous people of the borderlands for the sacred sites, cultural history, and natural heritage that’s been destroyed. To right these wrongs, we must start somewhere. Tearing down the wall would be a good start.” Nicol agreed in his piece, writing the administration “should tear down walls that rip apart endangered species habitat.  They should tear down walls that cut through border communities, casting prison-bar shadows on a child’s bedroom window.”

And while it’s not words she’s using, Mother Nature is also clearly stating that border walls just don’t work.

Daily Kos Viral photo shows portion of previous president’s wall ‘being ripped apart by monsoon floods’