FDA “Stamp of Approval” for Pfizer mRNA “Vaccine” – Centre for Research on Globalization

Amidst the US government’s frantic scheme to eradicate the widespread vaccine resistance among Americans, bypassing all federal statutory requirements for prior completion of experimental test trial protocol, the Big Pharma “bought and sold” FDA is moving full speed ahead in endorsing a gene based “vaccine” which has a direct impact on the human genome.

Meanwhile, a new study found that 62% of vaccine recipients experience permanent damage. Former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon has also warned that children will be 50 times more apt to die from so-called vaccines than the so-called virus itself.

One brave individual managed to access a Pfizer contract it has with multiple nations. Violating both ethics and antitrust law, the Pfizer contract explicitly prohibits sale of alternative, safe drugs already proven effective for Covid-19 treatment, like Ivermectin.

FDA “Stamp of Approval” for Pfizer mRNA “Vaccine” – Centre for Research on Globalization