NY Business Owners Fight Back Against ‘Unscientific and Arbitrary’ Vaccine Mandate

New York, NY — Earlier this month, many Americans were shocked as New York City became the first major city in the country to roll out the incredibly fascist vaccine passports for entry into indoor restaurants, bars and gyms. While many fearful Americans applauded the fact that government can take away your right to freely travel by forcing you to take a vaccine, others made sure to stand up against this massive power grab by the state.

The mandates are also incredibly arbitrary as other businesses like grocery stores and hair salons are exempt. Apparently if you get your haircut without the vaccine, you are safe but in a restaurant, you are not safe — according to government.

The lawsuit seeks a court order to block de Blasio’s vaccine mandate, calling the requirement “irrational.” Given the recent data to come out about vaccinated individuals both spreading and contracting COVID-19, the lawsuit called into question the efficacy of vaccines saying it is “an uncontested fact that unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals can both contract Covid-19 and the so-called ‘Delta’ variant, further illustrating the arbitrariness of this executive order.”

thefreethoughtproject NY Business Owners Fight Back Against ‘Unscientific and Arbitrary’ Vaccine Mandate