The Manufactured Chip Crisis – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

Transmissions received Borg-like electronic implants and became part of the . . . collective. Then the car’s air conditioning and heat, which became computer-controlled climate control. Mechanical interfaces such as between the gear selector and the transmission and the gas pedal and the engine’s throttle were replaced with sensors and modules, feeding data through a multiplexed network of wiring to hive-mind computers, which needed chips to make them sentient. This extends today to the extent of controlling things such as power windows and locks, via what are styled body control modules.

The problem, now, is that chips are embedded in the very fabric of all new cars. It is no longer just the engine – or even just the drivetrain. It is everything. The entirety of a modern car is an interconnected system, the parts a part of a whole and inseparable from it.

They have been assimilated.

The Borgification of cars has become so complete that many parts have to be “flashed” or otherwise hive-minded to the collective (at the dealer) before they will even work. Including even headlights, which are also now controlled by modules and “chips.”

The Manufactured Chip Crisis – EPautos – Libertarian Car Talk

When a focus on high tech goes from being a fad, which then becomes an obsession that cannot be turned off and is pursued too far, something can go from being a good thing, to a very unhealthy, unwise, and foolish thing, which may ultimately cause the extinction of humanity, via something like Transhumanism.

If chips in cars, homes and appliances are a ‘good’ thing, well, why not make humans with ‘chips’ and not allow humans to operate without them?

Why not INJECT nano sized chips into humans so that their freedom seeking, truth seeking, unruly and non compliant behavior can be ‘managed’, or controlled?