The Last Post-By Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, Phd) – Freedom Of Speech

India, for example, has recently been witnessing a spectacular decline in cases although clear evidence has been provided that Covid-19 vaccines have, if at all, only minor impact on transmission of the highly infectious Delta variant, which was responsible for India’s surge in cases during April-May 2021. This is unambiguous proof that the steep decline in cases was primarily caused by immune defense mechanisms that were not based on protection from disease (as provided by Covid-19 vaccines) but on protection from infection and transmission (2) (as provided by natural immunity). Innate polyreactive Abs that are directed against non-mutable common structures of otherwise highly mutable CoVs likely protect against all kinds of different CoVs, including their variants. This is in sharp contrast to anti-S-specific vaccinal Abs, which can escape from spike variants. It is fair, therefore, to conclude that mass vaccination campaigns are not responsible for the abrupt decline of cases observed after a prominent surge but that this effect is primarily due to the sterilizing effect of both acquired and innate antiviral immunity. This clearly illustrates that declines in surges that are correlated with an aggressive roll-out of mass vaccination campaigns do not imply that these campaigns are the cause of the decline.

Conclusively, mass vaccination campaigns during a pandemic of highly infectious variants fail to control viral transmission. Instead of contributing to building HI, they dramatically delay natural establishment of HI (Vanden Bossche, August 2021). This is why the ongoing universal vaccination campaigns are absolutely detrimental to public and global health.

Only the Vaccine industry can afford to pay the very best vaccinologists, immunologists, epidemiologists and virologists on this planet and bring them together around one and the same table. I cannot rid myself of the impression that none of them is even allowed to speak or to even share any kind of comment on social media. So, I feel like I am wasting my time talking to scientific illiterate “fact-checkers” or people who have no hands-on experience in vaccinology. But no matter how hard the “fact-checkers” try to debunk my scientific arguments, all of them ended up retreating with tails tucked firmly between their legs. Not that I am considering this as a compliment: Their background in immunology, virology, vaccinology or evolutionary biology does not usually suffice to grasp the complexity of the evolutionary dynamics of this pandemic which is now increasingly shaped by man. Some of these “fact-checkers” are MDs or even professors who merely rely on their title or reputation for gaining sufficient confidence to extrapolate their knowledge to fields of science in which they are anything but knowledgeable about. Names of some of the most arrogant ones can be found on my website; they will forever be engraved in my memory.

I am a seasoned vaccinologist and have gone several times against groupthink, which, unfortunately, also happens in science. My upper management didn’t want to listen to me when about 15 years ago I predicted that a Herpes simplex virus type-2 (HSV-2) vaccine candidate would not protect against infection and only turn vaccinees into asymptomatic carriers (much as Covid-19 vaccines do), who could then inadvertently transmit genital herpes disease to their partner. I deliberately quitted my position as project manager of that project as I considered the candidate vaccine an unethical immune intervention. Similar things happened when I was working with GAVI and pointed out that the results of the phase III Ebola vaccine trials conducted by WHO and published in a peer-reviewed journal were falsely concluding that the vaccine had an efficacy of 100%. As everyone will appreciate from the scientific report posted on my website, the truth looked extremely different.

The Last Post-By Geert Vanden Bossche (DVM, Phd) – Freedom Of Speech