The Case for Organic Food and Natural Medicine

Don’t panic, eat organic. As OCA, and a growing number of nutritionists, medical practitioners, and healers never tire of pointing out, a major defense, and likely our best defense, against chronic disease (affecting now the majority of U.S. adults and children—four times the rate of 40 years ago), the flu, cancer, heart disease, and even engineered viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, is to cultivate a strong immune system, optimum Vitamin D levels, adequate Omega 6 intake, and  a healthy microbiome.

And of course the best way to achieve this desired state is to grow, cook, and consume an organic and regenerative diet of fresh whole foods (everyone) and grass-fed or pastured meat and animal products (if you’re a carnivore). In turn this organic diet needs to be complimented by regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine, adequate sleep, positive thoughts, and natural herbs and dietary supplements.

Of course this organic regimen is easier said than done in an engineered “GloboCap” society based upon labor exploitation, 24/7 internet-programming, consumerism, high rents, student debt, racial and gender discrimination, medical malpractice, and an expanded menu of profit-at-any-cost business practices that pollute our air, water, environment, bodies, and our minds.

Unfortunately, today’s dominant “Big” powers, Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Chemical, coalescing into what is now Big Brother, aided and abetted by indentured scientists, politician, and the media, have convinced, in fact panicked, a significant segment of the body politic. The GloboCap cabal tells us that organic food is too expensive (since the government refuses to stop subsidizing poison food and farming, and working class wages are kept artificially low); that affordable natural health remedies and off-patent generic drugs are a hoax; that clean air and water are a luxury only available to the affluent; and that your best strategy for survival is to stay away from “disinformation” purveyors such as OCA,, Children’s Health Defense, and the Alliance for Natural Health, and instead to rely upon an expanded menu of pharmaceutical drugs, mandatory rushed-to-market vaccines, gene therapy drugs, mandatory masks, and social distancing. But as political commentator and satirist C.J. Hopkins points out, what we are up against is not just inaccurate information and government incompetence and overreach, but an engineered psychological state of censorship, hopelessness, and fear, a Great Reset, or a Covid Death Cult, if you will. As Hopkins writes:

organicconsumers The Case for Organic Food and Natural Medicine