Dr Geert Vanden Bossche DVM, PhD – There are many shortcuts to fantasy, but there are no shortcuts to the scientific truth (around herd immunity)

So, when mass vaccination was initiated, the question that really mattered was to know which part of the population would give more infectious variants a competitive advantage. It seems logical that more infectious variants can only enjoy a competitive advantage on a background that exerts selective immune pressure on viral infectiousness, i.e. on spike protein (as the latter is responsible for viral infectiousness). When people get jabbed in large numbers with S(pike)-based vaccines, this undoubtedly leads to massive S-directed immune selection pressure in the vaccinated part of the population. In contrast, the unvaccinated do not provide such competitive advantage to more infectious variants as they eliminate Sars-CoV-2 lineages without exerting immune selection pressure on viral infectiousness (i.e., on spike protein). This is because unvaccinated either get asymptomatically infected, i.e., they overcome the infection thanks to their innate immunity, which is known to be multi-specific ( i.e., NOT variant-specific) or they contract symptomatic infection, which equally results in multi-variant-specific acquired immunity. In none of these cases does an unvaccinated person exert any immune selection pressure on viral infectiousness, i.e., on spike protein. The unvaccinated part of the population is, therefore, anything but a reservoir for the virus! On the contrary, their capacity to eliminate the virus in a non-selective manner will lead to a diminished concentration of more infectious immune escape variants in the unvaccinated population, and even in the overall population provided the unvaccinated part of the population represents a significant part of the overall population!(which is now increasingly becoming problematic). Goldman’s interpretation does not take into account that unvaccinated people do have protective immunity, either due to innate or naturally acquired immunity.

Shame on you, Goldman, for blaming the unvaccinated, whereas it is clear from my explanations above that you don’t understand at all why the unvaccinated are anything but a breeding ground for more infectious variants! Because of mass vaccination, there is now a large part of the population that exerts increasing S-directed immune selection pressure that provides more infectious variants to gain a strong competitive advantage and reproduce more effectively on a background of highly S-specific neutralizing antibodies. It’s obviously because of the profound lack of knowledge in immunology that some of the brightest minds can make some of the most stupid statements.

Again, a shame when an immunologically illiterate professor makes predictions about the outcome of this pandemic in ways that – for lack of immunological competence- completely misinterpret Darwin’s principles of natural selection. Why would the unvaccinated even survive if – according to Goldman – they’re not vaccinated and hence, not protected? It’s, of course, thanks to their innate immunity which they should try to boost and, more importantly, preserve by avoiding repeated exposure to the circulating (more infectious) variants. Deaths under the unvaccinated will not lead to diminished viral infectivity as the unvaccinated are not a breeding ground for more infectious variants. On the contrary, the unvaccinated are the only hope for the human population to build herd immunity, either by virtue of their innate immunity (if asymptomatically infected) or by virtue of their naturally acquired immunity (if symptomatically infected). Goldman should refrain from making erroneous and discriminating statements on matters he doesn’t understand and give the floor to medical doctors specialized in early treatment of Covid-19 cases.

geertvandenbossche There are many shortcuts to fantasy, but there are no shortcuts to the scientific truth