Now It Is TRULY Coming Apart (Vaccine Mandate) [Market-Ticker-Nad]

UAB Hospital in Alabama dropped their vaccine mandate after being threatened with a lawsuit.

OSHA “rules” are not federal law; they’re regulations and if issued illegally are void.

1. You are likely to win.  OSHA has not issued a rule of this sort of scope in a very long time, and certainly not on an emergency basis.  The entire premise of an “emergency” 18 months into this pandemic is a joke; Congress has had a year and a half to consider legislation and has not.  That standing alone like dooms the rule.  But there’s much more — in order to argue that “the vaccinated” must be protected in the workplace from “the unvaccinated” you have to admit the vaccines don’t work!  If you put that admission into writing then you just ate your own tail; the circular logic of that is obvious to anyone.  If you don’t then only consenting persons, who choose not to be vaccinated, are at risk.  Then there is the CDC Director’s direct testimony before Congress, under oath, in September 2020 in which he said masks were more effective than vaccines — and he meant surgical masks too as that’s what he held up.  When liberty interests are implicated the least-intrusive means to accomplish the goal must be chosen; the government cannot take the most intrusive, and potential permanent harm is certainly as intrusive as it gets.  Having admitted there is a better alternative OSHA will lose on that basis.  There’s much more — but you just need to demonstrate probability of a win.

Now It Is TRULY Coming Apart in [Market-Ticker-Nad]