The Anti Parasitic Benefits of Wormwood – VT – Veterans Today Network

Wormwood has been used effectively as an anti-parasitic remedy for centuries, and is specifically effective for treating helminth infections. Wormwood contains numerous active compounds with anti-parasitic properties, the most notable of which is α-Thujone. This compound has been studied extensively for its ability to kill helminths. It is a very potent compound, so it is not recommended for long-term use, but when used as part of a parasite detox protocol it is extremely effective.

Wormwood is often used in conjunction with two other anti-parasitic herbs—green black walnut hulls and cloves—to make a formula known as wormwood complex. This complex can be purchased from certain herbal supplement companies, and it’s better to purchase a professional formula than to try to make one yourself. Zuma Nutrition has an excellent Parasite Detox formula ( Vthat contains these three herbs from wild harvested sources. They also follow a therapeutic extraction method that makes their formula very potent and effective.

Parasitic infections are extremely common and significantly underdiagnosed. They often show little to no symptoms, but in many cases, they can lead to numerous health issues. Wormwood is a plant with powerful anti-parasitic properties, and when used in conjunction with cloves and green black walnut hulls, it forms a complete parasite detox remedy.

The Anti Parasitic Benefits of Wormwood – VT – Veterans Today Network