The Poison Cartel is Poisoning the World, Driving Species to Extinction, and Contributing to Hunger, Pachamama Feeds Us – Navdanya international

75% of the planetary destruction – soil, water, biodiversity – is a result of globalized industrial agriculture. This commodity-based fossil fuel intensive, chemical intensive, capital intensive agriculture and food system has contributed 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate havoc and threatening agriculture -11-15% from Agricultural production, 15-18% from deforestation, 15-20% from processing and long-distance transport through global supply chains, 2-4% waste[3].

Sustainable cities can address climate change through shifting the food system to fossil fuel free, chemical free, local circular economies which return nutrients and water to the earth, fair and just incomes to small farmers, and provide heathy food to cities.

In spite of its vital importance for human survival, biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate, as 200 species disappear daily with the spread of capital intensive, chemical intensive industrial agriculture. This poison-based, monoculture-based industrial agriculture is the biggest driver of species extinction – from birds and bees to forests (the Amazon), to soil organisms and vital biodiversity in our gut flora.  It is wiping out the diversity of crops we grew and ate. Humans ate more than 10,000 species of plants before industrial globalized agriculture[5].

Small farmers who care for the Earth and our health through growing real food that nourishes us are going extinct.  Farming with poisonous chemicals means debt and displacement of peasants and small farmers, leading to the unprecedented epidemic of farmers’ deaths and suicides in India[10] and the refugee crises from Africa, Syria and other vulnerable countries[11].

Contrary to the myth that small farmers and their agroecological systems are unproductive and should be wiped out, and we should leave the future of our food in the hands of the Poison Cartel which increases agricultural productivity and food production, industrial agriculture produces only 20 % of the food we eat, using 75% of the land. In reality small farmers are providing 80% of the food we eat, using just 25% of the resources that go into agriculture[12] [13].

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