Dr John Campbell On Natural Immuniry Versus Vaccine Immunity – YouTube


Natural versus vaccine immunity – YouTube

Studies point to the benefits of natural immunity compared to vaccine generated immunity.

Having natural immunity and then following up with a jab generates much higher levels of more severe negative side effects. He claims that this is the ‘best’ immune strategy, but without any proof.

He concludes that natural immunity is SUPERIOR TO VACCINE IMMUNITY, and that the immunity does not wane.

He also concludes that vaccines offer at best only two types of antigens, where natural immunity provides 20 different antigens.

He does not discuss at all the risk of ADE, or Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which is unique only to those who have received the jab.

He also does not discuss the risk of short, medium and long term negative side effects from toxic materials found in the jabs, nor does he discuss what is in the jabs as far as hidden and published ingredients, such as graphene oxide and luciferase.