Leaked Dept. of Defense Document Reveals Evidence of Widespread – Greenmedinfo

Slide 8 of 17, titled “Is mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness Against Delta Infection Waning Over Time in 65 Years and Older Salus Cohort?,” details how “Breakthrough infection rates 5-6 months post vaccination are twice as high as 3-4 months post vaccination.” In other words, the longer the duration after vaccination the weaker their immunity and poorer their health becomes.

This, for me, is an indication that the mRNA technology is creating an overall downward trend in the recipient’s health, which is an explanation consistent with the alarming signals of harm associated with the vaccines, as evidenced by multiple government database sources, such as the U.S. government’s VAERS and the World Health Organization’s VigiBase. A recent estimate by Steve Kirsch presented at an FDA hearing proposes that about 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 vaccines thus far. Watch his presentation here.

“Prior COVID-19 infection has a major protective effective against breakthrough infection.” In other words, NATURAL IMMUNITY protects against going to the hospital even among those already vaccinated. Phrased differently: contracting COVID-19 (or what might be mistakeningly labeled COVID-19 but is actually influenza-like illness) and surviving it is the best protection against hospitalization, confirming what we already know and believe as natural health advocates. 

greenmedinfo Leaked Dept. of Defense Document Reveals Evidence of Widespread