The Race Is on to Get Experimental COVID Shots Into Little Kids — Why? • Children’s Health Defense

Early in 2020, Hotez warned Congress about the problem of antibody-dependent enhancement, cautioning that it posed a “unique potential safety problem” in the development of coronavirus vaccines.

After funds started pouring into Baylor supporting Hotez’s development of a “truly Texas” coronavirus vaccine called Corbevax, Hotez changed his tune and also began strongly promoting vaccination of children.

…..good health is not profitable, whereas drug (and vaccine) dependency is.

Given that COVID disease poses almost no risk to children — with a 99.9973% survival rate for those 19-and-under and hospitalization rates far lower than what the New York Times would have us believe — what possible rationale can FDA and CDC offer for subjecting young children to such a dangerous experiment?

It is well established that the rise of chronic illness in American children is coterminous with the childhood vaccine schedule, and the types of adverse events documented in package inserts for liability-free childhood vaccines — 400 different reactions that include seizures, asthma, allergies, autoimmune illness, arthritis, paralysis, gastrointestinal disorders and mental health challenges — generate long-term and often lifetime clients for the pharmaceutical industry.

Now, doctors are reporting a significant uptick in cancers following COVID vaccination. Is this why Pfizer just spent more than $2 billion acquiring a company focused on cancer treatments?

The Race Is on to Get Experimental COVID Shots Into Little Kids — Why? • Children’s Health Defense