6 reasons why Americans aren’t returning to work

Other factors are at play, according to economists. They include Covid health risks, early retirements, care duties, built-up savings and other frictions.

However, that boom hasn’t materialized in recent months — at least, not at the rate many expected. Job growth slowed in September after surging in the spring and early summer, and the labor force shrank.

A record 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August. Front-line workers in sectors like restaurants, bars and retail quit at the highest rates — lending credence to the idea that fear of contagion and hazards of in-person work are playing a role, Swonk said.

Compared to two years ago, there were 3.6 million more people out of the labor force in September who indicated they don’t want a job right now, Sojourner said, citing U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. People age 55 and older account for 89% of the increase.

CNBC 6 reasons why Americans aren’t returning to work

People may be more intelligent than the billionaire sponsored media believe..

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