FDA Now Wants The Gullible To Mix And Match The Death Vax

Verum Et Inventa

Sounds legit. No, really, if the one brand doesn’t maim you or kill you, maybe one of the other brands will. Confirm the story for yourself by typing a few keywords in a search engine like I did. Here is a sample headline from NBC:

FDA expected to allow ‘mix and match’ for Covid-19 vaccine boosters

You know what I really think? We’re not dying fast enough for them, but some of us, like three or four of us, are wising up to their tactics. This should speed things up a bit until they get that Dark Winter / Blood Sacrifice they’re drooling over so much.


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One thought on “FDA Now Wants The Gullible To Mix And Match The Death Vax

  1. Just maybe a VIP Whistleblower will eventually come forward from the FDA and tell the World………all humans are not compatible to the Covid 19 Vaccines, because from Birth each human Mental and Physical Make-Up are not uniform ( the same ) and their body react accordingly to Foods and Drugs……in addition humans are born with allergies and adverse medical conditions, others develop allergies and adverse medical conditions while residing on earth.

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