3 Things to Know About Striketober: Work Stoppages Around the Country

It’s being called “Striketober,” and it shows a revitalized labor movement

Workers are flexing their power across the economy by quitting, striking, and demanding better conditions.

thousands of workers in every industry are saying no to current working conditions. They’re not joining the wave of workers quitting during “the Great Resignation” phase of the labor shortage. They’re staying at their current work — but demanding it change.

Mitchell said this will go down as a historic month of labor action. “You can see similar moments in the early 1900s, where there was a strong concentration of corporate power, really no real rules around the ability for workers to come together and speak up and have their voices be heard,” he said, adding that the pandemic has brought up a lot of the same issues for workers.

businessinsider 3 Things to Know About Striketober: Work Stoppages Around the Country

Huge corporations are reaping BILLIONS in pandemic PROFITS, but they are refusing to share them with workers. Billionaire pandemic profiteers have no problems raping and pillaging the economy via forced shut downs of small businesses, as they stay open with their large monopolies. TRILLIONS have been transferred to a few billionaires at the top of huge corporations, due to lockdowns, masking, social distancing and forced jabs of experimental medical products, without any informed consent.

The billionaire controlled mass media is largely ignoring, denying, suppressing or misinforming their viewers around this global general strike, and the protests against the jab mandates in many countries… They want everyone to believe that everything is ‘normal’ and ordinary, with this Nazi like Great Reset that is being engineered from the top down.