KUOW – This Redmond mom was fatally shot by police after calling 911 for help

As the officer with the ballistic shield and another were arriving on the fourth floor from the elevator, they heard the other officers yelling commands. Churna had shifted her body counter-clockwise a short distance, according to police documents. Officers demanded that she stay still. Churna’s legs and lower body remained on the ground, but she lifted her chest and, according to a police report, “raised her arm in the direction towards her apartment door.” Police opened fire again, this time striking Churna multiple times. By this point, she had been on the ground for more than three minutes.

Officers Mendoza and Barnard both fired their guns, they later told the sergeant. Both Mendoza and Barnard were appointed to the Redmond Police Department in 2019, records show. Barnard had recently graduated from the police academy. After the officers shot Churna, they approached her with the ballistic shield in front.

“As we approached Churna, I could see that she was not moving,” the officer carrying the shield wrote. “She did not appear to be a threat any longer …” Police placed her in handcuffs and began chest compressions. Churna died at the scene. The medical examiner determined that Churna died from multiple gunshot wounds and ruled her death a homicide. They recovered six rifle bullets from Churna’s body.

KUOW – This Redmond mom was fatally shot by police after calling 911 for help