Doctor on fourth COVID vaccine dose and vaccinating young children – YouTube

Doctor on fourth COVID vaccine dose and vaccinating young children – YouTube

First she says ONLY THOSE WITH A WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM need a ‘booster’

Doctor then admits that ‘most’ people have an artificial jab producted immunity to COVID-19 that ‘wanes’ about 6 months after first 2 jabs, which means she is admitting that everyone who got the jabs now have WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEMS, JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE ON CHEMO AND THOSE WHO GOT TRANSPLANTS AND WHO HAVE NO IMMUNE SYSTEM AT ALL.

She says OUR immune system ‘needs’ this ‘booster’ shot. Who is this OUR? Again, there is psychological manipulation and gaslighting going on here, pure and simple. Natural immunity is not mentioned, nor the benefits of it, compared to the artificial lab created jab.

She claims that ‘MOST’ of us are going to get a booster between 6 and 9 months after first jabs. Who is this MOST? The opposite is happening in real life.. Again, there is psychological manipulation and gaslighting going on here.

She claims that this really helps BOOOOOSSSTTTT our immunity.. Again, there is psychological manipulation and gaslighting going on here

But wait a minute, didn’t they promise a magic ‘cure’ for COVID-19, via an experimental jab, while everyone waited for a year in lockdown, as millions of small businesses were shut down? Promise broken.

But wait minute, didn’t they promise to ERADICATE COVID-19 with this ‘vaccine’? Promise broken.

Didn’t they promise to flatten the curve with just a 2 week lockdown? Promise broken.

Didn’t they promise that everything would go back to normal right many got jabbed? Promise broken.

Didn’t they promise to reduce the ‘cases’ by getting at least 70 percent jabbed? Promise broken, cases are going up in countries where 70 percent plus were jabbed. If this jab worked, they would be going DOWN, not UP?

Didn’t they promise that just one jab could protect a person for LIFE? Promise broken.

Now she is admitting people need 4 jabs a year just to be able to gain ‘permission’ to leave the martial law declaration of anyone who did not get jabbed, needs to stay under house arrest, as is happening in Australia.

Didn’t they promise a ‘cure’ or treatment for COVID-19 via the 2 jabs? Promise broken. This jab is a total failure. The ‘boosters’ are all the evidence with any common sense or logic needs. No wonder the percentage of people getting the booster has dropped by half from the original 2 jabs.

Bottom line, the alleged ‘vaccine’ is causing problems that will continue to get worse in all directions the more jabs that are taken. Only 50 percent of those who got the first two jabs are getting a ‘booster’, due to the negative side effects, which doctors like this one for the most part, claim do not exist and cannot happen, ever. Then they may also refuse to report any vaccine injuries or deaths to VAERS.

If masks worked, why do social distancing?

If social distancing worked, why do lockdowns?

If lockdowns worked, why do jabs?

If jabs worked, why do masks and shut down ONLY MILLIONS OF SMALL BUSINESSES, but leave large billionaire owned corporate stores and chains OPEN, as ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES?

If these vaccine passports really worked, why is Israel now requiring people to get 3rd and 4th boosters to keep their passport ‘benefits’ that allows them to be released from ‘house arrest’ martial law?

“If you have to be persuaded, reminded pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized … If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance — you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” – Ian Watson