Medical Racism, The New Apartheid

The whole-cell versions of DTP vaccines were removed
from the US and European childhood schedules in the
mid-1990s because of their exceedingly high propensity
to harm recipients. In 2001, the US began phasing out
the use of mercury preservative in routine childhood
vaccines after public backlash and parental advocacy on
behalf of brain injured children reached a boiling point.
However, Bill Gates and the W.H.O. continue to give these
vaccines to 116 million African children every year. Their
use continues even after the 2017 Danish government

discovery that girls who got the DTP vaccines are 10
times more likely to die than unvaccinated girls. These
highly reactive and mercury-containing vaccines are
still being given in Africa today.

Measles mortality began drastically declining in the
1930s and had already decreased by 90% before the
vaccine was introduced 1963. Even though medical
establishments credit measles vaccines for saving
lives, the lower measles mortality is due to advances
in preventing and treating dehydration and improvements

in living conditions the US experienced in
the early 20th century including less crowded living
conditions, better nutrition, and improved sanitation

Beginning in 1989, the CDC conducted an experiment on nearly 1,500 Black and Hispanic infants in Los
Angeles, using an unlicensed measles vaccine, without
obtaining permission from the parents or disclosing
that the drug was a high potency experimental vaccine. The CDC only halted its secret experiment in 1991
when companion clinical trials conducted on illiterate populations in Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and Haiti
showed increased death rates and severe immune system disorders among female infants who received the
vaccine. Other Notable Vaccine Injury Atrocities: