The Mail’s shameful witch-hunt of ‘selfish’ vaccine refusers – The Conservative Woman

Well, what are you going to do with them? Hold them down and forcibly inject them? Intern them? Execute them? The worrying narrative being shaped is that ‘they’ are not like ‘us’, and as Karen Harradine so eloquently explained in TCW Defending Freedom yesterday, this has terrible historical antecedents.

Alabama governor Kay Ivey made this clear in a rant where she blamed rising Covid cases on ‘the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks’. Likewise President Biden’s ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ ignored the limited effectiveness of vaccines against contracting and transmitting the virus and, instead, placed all blame on one group of people. That never ends well. 

Social media is also helping to ’other’ the unvaccinated. Last month American writer Akilah Hughes tweeted to her almost quarter of a million followers: ‘Petition to call anti-vaxxers “plague rats”.’ This not only met with mass approval but inspired other suggestions including ‘spread necks’ and ‘rat lickers’. 

In his Ten Stages of Genocide Professor Gregory H Stanton presented a process of steps which lead to a final solution: a division of the population into ‘them and us’; the passing of laws which exclude one group from all areas of society; people are no longer individuals but are ‘the Jews’, ‘the Gypsies’, ‘the Unvaccinated’; dehumanisation equates the group with animals, disease, vermin, filth. Stanton placed dehumanisation at number four in his ten stages. We are almost halfway there. 

The Mail’s shameful witch-hunt of ‘selfish’ vaccine refusers – The Conservative Woman