Companies mull ending government contracts over vaccine mandate – POLITICO

Both the trucking industry and airline cargo industry have directly asked the Biden administration to postpone its deadline or make an exemption for their employees. Additional requests for relief from the mandate came up at a meeting this past week between federal contractors and the Department of Defense, according to a person briefed on the meeting. Among the requests from federal contractors: an extension of the deadline into 2022, considering allowing a test-out option for federal contractor employees, and eliminating the requirements altogether.

“It’s just going to become extremely challenging if they don’t bend,” an official with a major distribution company said of the White House.

Last week, the Cargo Airline Association, a trade group whose members include UPS, FedEx and Amazon, asked the administration to extend the deadline to the first half of 2022, citing a likely disruption to services that would only further aggravate supply chain delays should companies be forced to impose the employee vaccine mandate.

“This December 8 mandate comes at a time when the industry is already faced with a growing worker shortage — a shortage that is likely to expand if employees decide to quit or retire rather than become vaccinated.”

Companies mull ending government contracts over vaccine mandate – POLITICO