Sacred Sites & Pagan Places: Origins and How to Find Ley Lines Near You

So why should we care about ley lines? How do ley lines affect us? Though it seems an outdated idea, ley lines affect us in modern times just as much as the past. If you’re a believer in vibration and energy, if you believe Mother Earth is a living being, then you’ll understand why ley lines are important. I like to think of them as Mother Earth’s veins – sacred sites where the earth allows us to easily tap into her energy. If you feel revitalized after taking a dip in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, or dipping your feet into a creek, then you’ll feel the energetic potency of being near or directly on a ley line. 

After finding your local lines, it’s time to take a journey and confirm. This is a sacred journey and you should prepare as such. Take a cleansing shower or bath before traveling to these sacred sites. You can also smudge yourself beforehand. You want to be as spiritually clean as possible so the energy from the ley lines is easier to sense. Ideally, you’ll take your pendulum with you. Once there, notice how you’re feeling. Do you feel nervous? Excited? Like you’re about to meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in years? This is how I felt when I visited my local ley line. I had butterflies in my stomach that didn’t go away. 

You can use your pendulum to dowse and find certain areas at the site that have high energetic charges. Stop in places where you feel the energy the strongest, then hold your pendulum out and still. Let the pendulum swing or circle on its own. If it does nothing (which I doubt if you’ve found a ley line), then move on to another spot. I guarantee you’ll find the pendulum swinging vigorously as mine did. This is a form of dowsing, which is a method that’s been used for years to find ley lines. Use your pendulum to also communicate with the spirits traveling the ley lines. Don’t forget to cleanse the pendulum and yourself after any communication with spirits.

otherworldlyoracle Sacred Sites & Pagan Places: Origins and How to Find Ley Lines Near You