The Becker-Hagens Grid

‘The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite.” Attributed to Pythagoras

Leonardo’s manifest symbol of individual view point and detachment has brought us to viewing video discs of the earth as seen from the moon. It has also brought us to the uneasy conclusion that our pre-Renaissance imperative to control Nature (literally “that which is born”) or die has ushered us into a technological malaise where most of our man-made “natural” control systems are in crisis — especially those systems which exploit, pollute, or dramatically disturb the biospheric processes of the earth.

Engineer/geometer Richard J. “Dick” Benson’ believes that Cairo is possibly the most ancient surviving example of a precise geometric site plan based not only on the angles discovered by Cyr and others but on angles which connect sites across continents and which — again — are almost eerily similar to those in the UVG 120 Sphere. (See illustrations #6, #7)

A branch of dowsers in this country (including Tom Bearden, Ken MacNeill, Toby Grotz, and Walter Baumgartner) are pushing the politics of grid research into the development of practical “free energy devices” that will be decentralized, affordable, and supportive of personal freedom.

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