What is a Ley Line?

Today, ley lines are believed by many to connect spiritual or mystical places called vortexes, that emit energy or psychic power that can harm or heal the body and spirit, and even open portals to other dimensions. Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, The Bermuda Triangle and Sedona, Arizona are good examples of vortexes. Some ley lines are believed to attract UFOs and paranormal events.

In theory, the more powerful the vortexes are at the ends of a ley line, the stronger the energy of the ley line is, and the more ley lines that intersect at a vortex, the stronger the vortex.

Some say ley lines produce a magnetic, energy, or psychic field that can be felt by a person in tune with these energies, or by the tools of a dowser.

vortexhunters What is a Ley Line?