No Mystery Why Some Countries Largely Flu/Covid-Free

Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Macedonia, Uttar Pradesh, India, Zimbabwe, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, parts of Brazil, and other nations have the following in common: They use known safe and effective ivermectin for treating and curing flu/covid. As a result, the incidence of the viral illness in these countries is low.

In February, British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) — comprised of medical and scientific experts from over 15 countries — recommended global use of ivermectin as a verifiably safe and effective drug for preventing and treating flu/covid.

Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy director and BIRD organizer Dr. Tess Lawrie stressed the following:

  • “Ivermectin is already in use around the world and can reach the poorest people long before other expensive COVID treatments will ever get to them.”
  • “Ivermectin has an ever-increasing evidence base that shows that it works.”
  • “Even the prestigious Institute Pasteur in France has confirmed that the evidence is sound.”