Outbreaks Surging in Most Heavily Jabbed Nations – The Stephen Lendman Blog

Nations most heavily jabbed and multi-jabbed are experiencing the heaviest surges of flu/covid outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths. There’s no ambiguity why. Jabs cause outbreaks et al. They don’t protect against them as falsely promoted. The more jabs gotten, the higher the risk to contract flu/covid, along with one or more other serious diseases. The vast majority of hospitalizations for the viral illness and deaths are among jabbed individuals.

Yet in nations experiencing a surge in outbreaks like Britain, Ireland, Israel, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands Greece, Germany, Austria, the territory of Gibraltar, most adversely affected parts of the US and elsewhere, the solution is more jabs, boosters, and forever-jabbing.

Dark forces behind all things flu/covid, especially for health-destroying jabs, should be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and put behind bars longterm — including their MSM press agents and Pharma profiteers.

Outbreaks Surging in Most Heavily Jabbed Nations – The Stephen Lendman Blog