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The Law of Evolution – as commonly understood – concerns the evolution of the form aspect as it is gradually fitted to be an exponent or an expression of soul energy, and later of monadic energy. This law, which might be termed the Law of Perfection, deals with the interior energies which are responsible for the working of the Law of Evolution. It is the higher aspect or the determining cause of the lower; the laws subsidiary to the Law of Perfection are loosely called (by the neophyte the spiritual laws, but of these he knows little and unifies them all in his mind under the general idea that they are an expression of the love aspect of Deity. 

It is therefore fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a dire possibility is not present. The method employed under the Law of Perfection is called “perfect harmlessness,” and that was ever the method used by the Christ, the Perfect One. It is not the harmlessness enjoined so often by me as I speak to aspirants, but a harmlessness imposed by the spiritual man and by his natural destiny. 

Of this strange working of the Law of Perfection (strange to man’s limited point of view), the war (1914-1945) was a striking instance. Millions died; more millions suffered cruelly in their form nature, and many more millions underwent (and are still undergoing) the mental agony of insecurity, suspense and poverty. Nevertheless, two major results of a spiritual nature, working under the Law of Perfection, resulted: 1. Souls were released from a backward and decaying civilisation—for such is your vaunted civilisation from the angle of the Hierarchy—and will return in better bodies to a civilisation and a culture more in conformity with the needs of the spiritual man. 

Law of Perfection – theNewAgeSite