Universal Law Alignments: The Universal Law of Perfection

The Universal Law of Perfection states that our process of unfolding is a perfect process. At the level of ascended consciousness in which we transcend the ego, we exist in this state of perfection. Until we reach this point, perfection does not exist. Rather, we do well to strive for excellence as we continue to focus on improving ourselves. In this way we approach perfection. We want to maintain a commitment to excellence in all we do and be. One way we can achieve excellence is by becoming more loving, giving, kind, and gentle. As we improve these energies in ourselves, we become more and more responsible for contributing to the ascension of the planet.

Many metaphysical seekers have grasped onto the idea that we are all perfect in our ascended state. They cling to this truth, reminding themselves over and over that they are perfect. While this is true at the higher level of consciousness, what they fail to acknowledge is that they have not yet ascended. They are still in human form as is demonstrated by their physical body. And since they still have a body, they also still have an ego. The problem with continually affirming our perfection is that we run the risk of overlooking physical, emotional, and mental aspects that are calling out for improvement. If we think we’re perfect as we are, we stop striving for excellence. We thus neglect our responsibility to participate actively in the unfolding of our perfection.

   The process of perfecting ourselves by striving for excellence requires more than just the understanding that our higher self is perfect. It requires time and practice. It is an active discipline of choosing to be more loving, giving, kind, and gentle in each new given moment, both with ourselves and with others. As we explore new ways to be centered in these energies, we continue to improve ourselves.

     The Light Language sacred geometry grid pictured above is made of light energy and is three-dimensional in nature. Each colored shape carries a particular vibrational frequency that has been specially chosen to adjust the energies listed below as they relate to the unfolding process of perfection. Starting at the top and moving in a clockwise direction, the individual colored shapes relate to:

Universal Law Alignments: The Universal Law of Perfection