Worldwide protests erupt against deadly vaccines that are KILLING people at an alarming rate

Protests are erupting around the globe. It has become increasing clear: Mandatory vaccines equal mandatory suffering, dependence and death. Cities in Canada, Europe and Australia are in a constant state of protest now, as people fight back to reclaim their rights, their sovereignty, their health and their life. As governments and corporations demand endless vaccine compliance, more people are withdrawing their consent. But the fight against the vaccine passports and mandates isn’t just a fight for freedom. It’s a matter of life and death. Deadly vaccines are killing people at an alarming rate, and the world is starting to notice.

Curfews, lock downs, work-from-home orders, digital passports, vaccine mandates and various restrictions are being imposed simultaneously across multiple European countries. The people are rising up, from Japan to Australia, from Germany to Austria, and dozens of countries in between. In Austria, a full lock down is scheduled for the next ten days, with mandatory vaccine policies coming in its wake.

In the Netherlands, protests have turned violent after the government decided to restrict the “unvaccinated” and banish them from society. In the port city of Rotterdam, the police refuse to defend the rights of the people, and they continue to foolishly clash with freedom fighters who have nothing more to lose. On Friday November 19th, protests turned into riots in the city of Hauge, the third largest city in the Netherlands. Fires dotted the city, as police moved in to make dozens of arrests. Over the weekend, tens of thousands rallied in Heldenplatz square in Vienna, Austria to chant, “My Body, My Choice,” “We’re Standing Up for Our Kids!” and “Resistance!”

In Australia, people are rising up in greater numbers. There were an estimated 350,000 people gathered in Melbourne, 150,000 in Brisbane, 150,000 in Sydney, and an additional 40,000 in Perth and 30,000 in Adelaide. These protests were peaceful and strong, sending a clear message to the ruling elites and the enemies of humanity.

newstarget Worldwide protests erupt against deadly vaccines that are KILLING people at an alarming rate