A Transhuman Future: Cloning Mankind, Man-Animal Hybrids, Cyborgs, And “Bio-Pharma”

It seems so obvious that it should hardly need to be said: humankind has an existential stake in preserving and protecting natural human beings, and the natural human genome. At the very least, no human being should ever be compelled to submit to genomic interventions. 

It is deeply anti-human to deprive the rights of persons to remain naturally human. And the moral and ethical dangers of gene technologies are no longer theoretical. A war is being waged right now against people asserting their rights not to be subject to forced injections with experimental genetic level technologies.

Transhumanism, as advocated by “Bio Pharma” interests with frankly damning financial conflicts of interest, admits no conceptual dignity to natural humanness, and no practical dignity to the average human masses In this sense, transhumanism represents a disturbingly retrograde force in history. Where prior milestones have recognized and enlarged the rights and freedoms of average people, transhumanism strips those hard-earned advances, in favor of the whims and designs of a tiny, powerful class of elitist technocrats.  

Not only is it a step backward. It may be a catastrophic one, because it welds age-old hubris with technology unimaginable in its power to alter humanness itself.

A Transhuman Future: Cloning Mankind, Man-Animal Hybrids, Cyborgs, And “Bio-Pharma” – winepressnews.com