AFL Lawyers; NSW vaccine apartheid is a lawless con job – time for people to take a stand

“All restrictions, mask wearing, lockdowns, and vaccinations are unlawful and cannot be enacted. The only thing is threats and fines to trick you to comply. All fines are dismissed when referred to the courts. You do not have to do anything.” AFL Lawyers Sydney

Palmer United leader Craig Kelly and AFL Solicitors of Sydney are also running a case against the NSW Health Minister Hazzard and Chief Medical Officer Chant in the NSW Supreme Court. They seek to obtain a ruling to declare vaccine mandates unlawful and in breach of the Australian Constitution section 51(xxiiiA), the Nuremberg Code of which Australia upheld after WWII and is a signatory, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as well as other federal and state laws including the Federal Biosecurity Act which makes any coercion or compulsion of any medical procedure unlawful including expressly “vaccines” without freely given informed consent.

Your best way to get community support is to educate your students and parents of the dangers of the vaccinations. Stop supporting unlawful restrictions on your constitutionally protected liberties in your workplace and classrooms, find out the actual facts and stop spreading covid propaganda.

Further information is available from the Concerned Lawyers Network (also on Telegram), AFL Lawyers Francina, Leonard & Associates (AFL) Lawyers Sydney, also on Telegram. AFL solicitors state they are fighting for human rights and against discrimination. “You have rights. Basic human rights. They need to be protected.”

Anyone who has been discriminated against is invited to submit a complaint to Human Rights Advocates, also on Telegram.

NSW vaccine apartheid is a lawless con job – time for people to take a stand | Cairns News