(MARTIAL LAW) The Power to Imprison – Life in Pandemicland

As of midnight November 15, 2021, Austria began yet another nationwide lockdown, ostensibly to rein in rising COVID cases.1 What makes this lockdown unique is that it only applies to residents aged 12 and older who have declined the experimental COVID jab. An exception is made for unvaccinated individuals who have “recently recovered from COVID-19.”

They’re only permitted to exit their front door for “essential” work, “essential” shopping (such as food), quick exercise and getting vaccinated. All other outdoor leisure activities are forbidden. The lockdown will reportedly affect an estimated 2 million of the 8.9 million residents.

Random spot-checks are prescribed to make sure no healthy unvaccinated people are roaming the streets, and fines for breaking the lockdown order can run as high as €1,450 (approximately $1,640).

Just two days earlier, it had been suggested the lockdown would only affect the northern portion of Austria and Salzburg,2 but that quickly changed to include the whole country. It’s hard to see this action as anything but punishment for refusal to be a medical guinea pig, considering Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg referred to the country’s 65% COVID jab rate as “shamefully low.”3

Dr Mercola The Power to Imprison – Life in Pandemicland