7 Charged In Anthrax Stock Scam – CBS News

According to the indictment, the defendants fraudulently pumped up the price and volume of 2DoTrade stock through misleading promotional campaigns, including false claims that the company had contracts for various goods and commodities worth more than $300 million. The contracts were bogus and were never executed, the Justice Department said.

Later, in a renewed effort to fraudulently raise the company’s flagging stock price, the conspirators allegedly exploited the publicity generated by the October 2001 anthrax attacks by claiming it had an anti-anthrax product.

The defendants are Barry Gewin, 36, of Enon Valley, Pa.; Michael Karsch, 43, an attorney from Boca Raton, Fla.; Dominic Roelandt of Dehderhoutem, Belgium; George Taylor, 63, of Ayrshire, Scotland; L. Van Stillman, 55, an attorney from Delray Beach, Fla.; and David Wood, 51, and Clinton Walker, 35, of Charlotte, N.C.

7 Charged In Anthrax Stock Scam – CBS News

It is called pump and dump… This con is being used on a global basis today, the the C jab. Getting the jab does not prevent infection, transmission or death, yet it is being mandated globally. How is that not pump and dump? We are currently in the pump stage of this global con game.