Exclusive: It’s ‘Game Over’ for the CDC If These Death Rates Hold True – Becker News

Despite more than 99% of the elderly population being reported “vaccinated,” and 87% being reported as “fully vaccinated,” the elderly population in the United States have been dying at nearly the same rates as the pre-vaccine stage of the pandemic. In fact, the elderly population from ages 65 to 74 has been dying at a higher rate.

The results are corroborated both by the weekly average deaths by age group and the all-cause excess mortality rates (weighted by p-scores). The critical thing about all-cause excess mortality is that it is where the rubber meets the road on evaluating vaccines and the overall Covid policy response. The FDA and CDC can play all the data games they like when it comes to “Covid-related mortality,” but if a population has more than a 99% vaccination rate and the mortality rates do not decline, that speaks volumes about the purported efficacy of the vaccines.

The data show that weekly average deaths in 2020 when compared to 2021 have gone up among ages 65-74, remained about the same among ages 75-84, and have gone down among ages 85 and older (though not by much).

It should be noted that vaccines were first introduced to the public on January 4, 2020. The 99% vaccination rate among the 65 and older population was documented as November 11, 2021. The vaccination rate reported among that population was 97% as of October 28. Unless there is an exogenous variable among this population that is unknown, then it is a stated truth that the vaccines have thus far failed to lower the weekly reported deaths among this at-risk population. Hopefully, this number declines, but the trend has not significantly changed from 2020 levels.

Exclusive: It’s ‘Game Over’ for the CDC If These Death Rates Hold True – Becker News

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  1. In SOME scenarios about the Elderly when you become a certain older age SOME want you to go on and leave the face of the earth, sad but true.

    Most Elders are taking Prescribed medications and MOST are not aware those medications when consuming them they take essential Vitamins and minerals from your body and you have to replenish those Vitamins and your daily intake of foods does not complete the process.

    Elders who are allergic to a good Multiple Vitamin should not consider taking them, however if you are not allergic to a good Multiple Vitamin, take one daily prior to eating a meal and before taking Prescribed medications and it just might extend your life expectancy.

    If you are not computer literate, have a friend or family member ” Google ” the Prescribed medications you are taking and sometime you can find out more about your medicines and Vitamins its taking from your body.


    • There is a difference between earth minerals and plant based minerals found in herbs or things like kelp. Plant based minerals cannot cause imbalances generally, but earth based minerals can, plus they are poorly absorbed. Chemically, earth based minerals have the opposite ‘charge’ or spin than plant based minerals. That being said, things like clay have properties worth investigating.


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