EU to limit vaccine validity in COVID pass to 9 months

The European Union is poised to limit the validity of vaccine recognition in its EU COVID certificate to nine months, its executive said on Tuesday, in a bid to encourage boosters.

The European Commission said in a statement it has adopted “a binding acceptance period of nine months (precisely 270 days) of vaccination certificates for the purposes of intra-EU travel”, to come into force from February 1.

Several EU countries had already announced go-it-alone measures that would soon consider double-jabbed people no longer “fully vaccinated” unless they also got a booster shot.

EU to limit vaccine validity in COVID pass to 9 months

The experimental jab did not work to prevent infection, transmission or death from COVID-19, so now those same people who promised it would work, now are doubling down and making slaves of everyone, forcing everyone to get jabbed forever with a product that never worked in the first place.

Got Catch 22?