Colorado to change definition of “fully vaccinated” to require BOOSTER shots… with no end in sight – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

In Colorado, the definition of “fully vaccinated” is about to change. Colorado Governor Jared Polis has decided that another dose of spike protein mRNA will be needed to claim “full vaccination” status. This could soon impact state and healthcare workers, who have already been subjugated by unlawful vaccine mandates. The Colorado Governor has not called on a special legislative session to protect the individual rights of the people. Instead, Polis is pushing for another mandatory dose of poison onto the very people he already betrayed.

As the covid-19 vaccination program falls apart in a wave of vaccine failure and vaccine injury, there seems to be no end in sight to the medical fraud, the needless death and the medical tyranny. Democrats like Polis are tripling down and demanding another dose. Governor Polis believes that Biden and the Democrat Party should stop calling the third dose a “booster.” In an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Polis said that a third dose should be called a “necessary dose” and not just a “booster.”

The term “fully vaccinated” was always a lie from the start because the spike protein experiment does not convey immunity. These injections will continue to be used as depopulation tools, a device of mental and physiological slavery.

If one or two doses is not effective in just a year’s time, then how long will a third dose be sufficient? At the current trajectory, the covid-19 vaccination program will require seasonal obedience to new booster shots. The call for seasonal boosters is an ADMISSION that the vaccine never worked in the first place, not to prevent infection, transmission, severe disease or death. At this time, vaccine makers are working on a strain-specific booster program that will alter the mRNA in the vaccine to reprogram human cells so they will mass replicate up-to-date variations of the spike protein every year.

This deception occurred throughout 2021. A person was not considered “fully vaccinated” until 14 days after their second dose. If a person was hospitalized or died within 45 days of their first dose, they were classified as an “unvaccinated” hospitalization or death. Most of the vaccine injuries occur within a few days after vaccination, so hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations were considered “unvaccinated” hospitalizations per the CDC’s rules. The latest rule change will allow the CDC to continue on with a false narrative that the “unvaccinated” are predominantly getting hospitalized and dying. The same medical fraud will continue after a fourth and fifth dose, too, as the population is continually weakened and destroyed by the very entities that claim to protect them.

Colorado to change definition of “fully vaccinated” to require BOOSTER shots… with no end in sight – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD