One thought on “Blinded By The Vax? Vaccine Adverse Reporting System Has Many Examples Of Vision Loss

  1. from comments below video;

    Thank you for your dedication. I always look forward to your information. Recently a friend passed. He had pneumonia and multiple infections and went on dialysis. Everyone told me don’t worry, he’s not vaccinated and it’s not covid. In his last days I kept calling the ER so the nurse could put the phone by his ear so I could talk to him. He was in a medically induced coma and intubated. I still wanted him to hear a friendly voice. The nurse was nice at first and I asked if he had covid. She said no. Then I asked if he was vaccinated. She checked and proudly said yes double jab with booster. I lost my shit after that. I sarcastically thanked her an proclaimed how much worse it could have been had he not been vaccinated. She told me don’t call back unless it’s visiting hours and also told on me to his Dad. My friend was never unhealthy til two weeks ago and it was a quick decline. I hate these people perpetrating this . I love you Tim. Thanks


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