COVID Testing Mania, Is This Mass Psychosis?

“Well, I’m heading out of town to Kentucky to visit some family, and I hear omicron has really picked up and is spreading pretty fast,” Orange County resident Dave Roseford said. “So I wanted to go ahead and make sure I had the best guard against that.” (link)

So ‘Dave’ is not sick, doesn’t feel sick, is going to visit people 500 miles away, and wants to find out if he’s COVID positive?   Because why?…

Then there’s this response, which is even more nuts, but I appreciate the brutal honesty:

“I can answer this because I live in the Lib Death Star known as Brownstone Brooklyn. They are doing this to tell friends and family whether they are ‘safe’ to be around. It’s an elaborate handshake among the Covidians.” (link)

The White House previously attempted to gain some political advantage with the COVID Omicron panic by declaring “a winter of death” awaits the unvaccinated.  It appears to me this administration is now going to reap a massive amount of backlash over a panic they created.   Once again proving the axiom that every statement, policy or recommendation, that Joe Biden advocates is the exact opposite of what should be done.

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