COVID-positive nurses say they’re being pressured to work while sick, and they’re petrified of infecting patients

The Most Revolutionary Act

A medical worker at UMass Memorial Medical Center ties her PPE around her back while looking down.Four nurses told Insider their hospitals are pressuring them to come into work shortly after testing positive for COVID-19. JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images

By Allana Akhtar and Aria Bendix
Business insider

  • A handful of nurses are using TikTok to call out hospitals pressuring them to come to work with COVID-19.
  • Four nurses across the US told Insider they had been told to come into work while sick or risk losing pay.
  • Some nurses said they’re close to quitting after nearly two years of long hours and heightened verbal and physical abuse.

What was once an ill-advised practice is now becoming a common request across US hospitals: Healthcare workers are being asked to treat patients while sick with COVID-19.

In a TikTok video now viewed more than 7.2 million times, April Lynn, an ICU nurse, claimed her hospital cleared her to return to work five days after testing positive for…

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