Rhyme with Smokey Joe Barton – YouTube


“Smokey Joe” Barton is known for apologizing to BP after the 2010 Oil spill, and harassing climate scientists. Turns out he’s also been a key connection between the tobacco industry and the climate denial industry. Archival footage from ABC News on the tobacco wars of the 90s turns up sequences of Smoky Joe in action on behalf of Big Cancer.

Rhymes with Smokey Joe – YouTube

Politicians like this (on both sides of the aisle) are funded and supported by;

Hundreds of Billionaires at the top of huge, globalist corporations

Big Tech

Big Tobacco

Big Oil

Big Nuclear

Big Religion

Big AG, Foods

ANTI Green, Renewable Energy of any kind, including solar, wind, water, hydrogen, etc.

ANTI any social benefits law that gives the 99 percent anything, including but not limited to unemployment, higher wages, union rights, better benefits, lower drug prices, Medicare for all, voting rights, etc.