The Veils Are Ripping! Patrick Byrnes and his block chains – The Marshall Report

And Patrick Byrnes and his block chains….well, we learned from the whistle blower reports that Lin Wood gave us to read, that block chains are money laundering tools for many players in the CIA and FBI and other political espionage endeavors to pay off people and clean up the dirty money.  But Byrnes defends the hard question by blowing it all off as Java monkeys sitting around inventing things like “central bank” block chains and oh how silly it all is. And admits we would show up and provide capitalism and professionalize them…turn them real. Those companies now have board of directors, they have capitol, they’re all over the world, they’re solid companies….and we have a tremendous reservoir of block chains here in Utah that sort of services all the other parts of the network….so and the guy who really built this, “I was the architect”, Byrnes said, but his colleague Jonathan Johnson (friend for 17 years) has built that and fleshed it in and he’s done a great job. He’s become CEO and super capable.

From the article:  “Report Claims the FBI Uses Bitcoin Mixers During BTC Forfeiture Processing” April 2021- FBI Overpaid Bitcoin Miners by a Factor of 4700%. Read full story here:

The Veils Are Ripping! – The Marshall Report