Q&A With Scientist Who Discovered Cannabis Can Prevent COVID-19

Patients for Medical Cannabis

A bit of fun, first, from Jimmy Dore

Though it looks like he’s wrong: vaping *can* prevent the spike protein from attaching.

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JANUARY 12, 2022


A groundbreaking new studyout of two Oregon universities has identified an unusual naturally-occuring substance as a promising tool to prevent COVID-19 infections: cannabis.

Published in the peer-reviewedJournal of Natural Products, the study identified three cannabis compounds—non-psychoactive precursors found in the plant before it’s converted into the stuff that gets you high—as being notably effective at blocking the entry of SARS-COV-2 into human cells by glomming onto the virus’s spike protein. The study is an early sign that cannabis could be an effective tool in the arsenal of global coronavirus responses; but with piecemeal laws and pushback from federal agencies, the future of cannabis in COVID-19 treatment remains unknown.

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