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Myocarditis is an inflammation of the myocardium. When the heart becomes inflamed, it cannot pump as well because of damage to its cells and swelling (edema). The heart muscle may be damaged even more if your body’s immune system sends antibodies to try to fight whatever started the inflammation. Sometimes, these antibodies attack the tissues of your heart instead. If too many heart muscle cells are damaged, the heart muscle becomes weakened. In some cases, this process happens very quickly and results in heart failure or even sudden death.

If myocarditis has not damaged the heart too much, medicines and follow-up visits to the doctor may be all that is needed. Other patients with more damage may need to limit some of their activities and take many medicines for the rest of their lives. For patients who have very severe damage to their heart, a heart transplant may be needed.

Myocarditis | Texas Heart Institute

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  1. If the Covid Vaccine is causing Myocarditis, unfortunately its creating jobs, thinning the population, causing pain and unwanted deaths.


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