Shame on Australia for Rejecting Science, World’s Tennis Great Is Already Immune to COVID, Doesn’t Need Jab – Children’s Health Defense

From the storied Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to the Garvan Institute, to prominent Australian Nobel laureates and founding fathers of immunological science (Sir Macfarlane Burnett, Jacques F.P. Miller and Peter Doherty) to contemporary leaders of immunological science (Jonathan SprentChristopher Goodnow and Jason Cyster), Australia has been known as the mecca of immunological thinking and science.

The recent deportation of the world’s top-ranked men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic, from Australia for refusing a mandated vaccine he did not need and could be harmed by, was shocking to me as an immunologist.

Why? Because I know with definitive certainty Djokovic, who recovered from a COVID infection in December 2021, has quite powerful and robust acquired natural immunity to COVID — equivalent, if not more powerful than that attained from full vaccination and boosters.

Shame on Australia for Rejecting Science — World’s Tennis Great Is Already Immune to COVID • Children’s Health Defense